Unity Concord International School (UCIS)


4-Year Revenue Performance
Note 1: Due to Covid-19, there was a 10-20% loss in current international student enrollment (especially Chinese students). New student enrollment rate for international students also declined by over 50%. These numbers should return to normal with the widespread use of Covid-19 vaccines by the end of 2021.
Note 2: The revenue shown below is actual cashflow, which may include tuition fees received in advance (if any). 
Note 3: Revenue share payouts are calculated from the exact monthly revenue figures reported below, which are audited by a third party accountant.
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Student Enrollment
Students enrolled as of 3/2021: 773
Maximum student capacity: 1,310

Tuition Fees
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Download UCIS Tuition 2021Other Sources of Revenue
Unity Park shops' rental fees
U-Cafe and other UCIS-owned restaurants