How does it work?

Step 1. Add revenue shares to your cart and checkout.
Step 2. Pay for revenue shares by bank transfer. For instructions click here.
Step 3. After payment is confirmed, digital shares are added to your Revipo account in the "my account" page.
Step 4. Add a Thai bank account or PayPal email to the account page to receive your revenue share each month. 

What is revenue sharing?

There are many definitions and forms of revenue sharing. At Revipo, revenue sharing means an organization offers the rights to a percent of their revenue in exchange for funds. Therefore, a revenue share is a unit that represents rights to a predetermined percent of an organization's revenue.

Why revenue share VS profit share or equity ownership?

Revenue is the actual earnings that enter the bank account, and are calculable from organization stats. Profits can be manipulated by managers through expenses and other methods that investors must check constantly.

Revenue sharing has immediate monthly payouts. Profit/equity sharing payouts are normally issued 1-2 times annually, if even that frequent.

Revenue shares can be sold relatively quickly. Profit/equity shares must go through long processes before sold.

Revenue shares have preferential priority. Profit/equity shares have no guarantee.

Why do organizations offer revenue sharing?

There are 2 main reasons:

1. Raise funds without having to go through long processes of due diligence from outside investors.
2. Create a larger base of supporters and advocates by sharing earnings with the community.

Where can I see my shares? Can I sell them?

Please see the my shares page.

What's the guarantee?

Please see the guarantee page.