The Ambassador Education Group

Revipo's partner, Ambassador Education Group (Ambassador Project Co., Ltd.), is a network of schools in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Example schools include Unity Concord International School, Ambassador Bilingual School, and Americana Chinese International School. 

Over 30 years ago, this education group was founded by Mr. Chugait and Mrs. Amporn Garmolgomut, beginning with popular Chiang Mai language schools CEC and E20. The original vision was to create affordable schools that met international standards, where students could develop language abilities in a positive environment.

Today, the Ambassador Education Group comprises of several international schools and bilingual schools. They have partnered with Revipo to be able to share school earnings in return for funding and support from the community. Ambassador Bilingual School and Unity Concord International School are a part of their Revipo campaign to continue to grow the Ambassador Education Group's new vision for more international and affordable education in all of Thailand.

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